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A three-chapter collection, in short, that covers the length of two years worth of works. Each chapter reflecting from a different season of life, each bearing a lesson. The dedication belongs to my mother and mother's mother: the greatest influence has poured out from these two women into my life. Each of their prayers and blessings has directly been passed into my pool, thus the name "Fuentes" (fountains).
This is for my mother, and my mother's mother...


Written as guide through personal seasons of sentimentality, fragility, & spirituality. From the unseen and expelled endurance of the mundane to the breaking points or building blocks of life’s consequences, these pieces seek to speak a narrative. I would encourage you, to read this aloud and hear the story told. we are all on a hike with different destinations, and it’s important to converse on our way to the deep dark or the heavenly heights.

Beyond Our Gard'End

A collaboration of photography, from Jordan Pearson & Sei Matsumato, music by Mitch Jones, & writing by myself :^). A project for all of us, to share and to experience. A creative tale to expand our own perspective and see beyond our garden, dream beyond our gardens, and to cultivate the very garden's we've been provided.

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( to me ) goodbye & good riddance

This is a farewell to all the lies been told and a warm welcoming for the truth of the matter. Fuentes Forever was for my mother & my mother's mother. For now & Maybe always was for you. Beyond Our Gard'End was for us. This one, Goodbye & Good Riddance is for me (to me). 40 pieces to share with you on just how to let go and to come home. 3 parts to practice vulnerability. 1 Lesson I hope we all learn.



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